Best Food can be defined as a very possible influence on culture, economy and society. This is a series of foods that, prepared according to food recipes, can be consumed by both humans and animals. Humans consume best food and the various beverages available to nourish themselves. In fact, there is a schedule for this, divided into four areas: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Breakfast is positioned as the first meal of the day (morning). Lunch is eaten at noon, snack around mid-afternoon, and finally dinner, which is eaten in the early hours of the night.

When we talk about junk food and best food , we are actually talking about foods rich in fats, spices, salt, products with an excess of chemicals and even sugar, which can be harmful to health if consumed regularly.


Food can also be a cultural reference, as a regional identifier, as people can relate to a place through the preparation of food or recipes that characterize it; the most common example is Japan. Japanese cuisine offers a variety of dishes. best food The most famous is sushi with sake, a drink originally from the same country. And the way it works there, it’s having the same impact in China, Mexico, Venezuela, and even Argentina.

Importance Of Best Food In The World

Gastronomy is important in every corner of the world because every dish represents the culture of cities and countries, whether large or small. Food not only conveys the flavors combined in each ingredient, but also indirectly conveys knowledge about the lifestyle of the people of a particular region, their customs, their culture.


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These elements are nothing more than the nutrients associated with every food consumed on a daily basis. including:
They are known for their very sweet taste and their main function is to provide energy to the entire human body. Originally, best food carbohydrates are found in legumes, fruit, vegetables, etc. However, they are also very present in meals and ready meals such as soft drinks, sweets, jewellery, etc.

These are at least 20 amino acids that combine to form so-called proteins, which ensure muscle and tissue regeneration in the body.


These give the body a lot of energy, but when there is too much fat in the body, abnormalities or diseases are more likely to occur.

Fats have an important classification that indicates their type and proper location. best food The saturated ones are found in animals, the monounsaturated ones are found in olives, olive oil and avocados and finally the polyunsaturated ones are found in seeds and oils (better known as Omega 3). best food Fats of any kind should be minimal in the diet for diabetics.

Best Food is all the nutrients that are eaten and drunk to survive. When ingested, best food supplies elements for the nourishment of the living organism.

Humans eat several meals a day. Their content and numbers vary based on a number of social, cultural, seasonal, and geographic factors. best food The most common meals are breakfast (it is eaten after sleeping at night), lunch (midday), snack (mid-afternoon) and dinner (evening is usually the last meal of the day).

Best Food is food that is eaten for subsistence or pleasure.

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Eat depending on the time of day
In addition to the four meals mentioned, which are recommended by nutritionists, there are other intakes such as the appetizer (consumed before lunch or dinner) and snacks, snacks or snacks (light meals without fixed times).

The main meals (lunch and dinner) usually consist of a starter or first course (cold or hot, e.g. cold cuts or soup), a main course or second course (usually hot and contains more content than the starter) and a dessert (a sweet dish).
Fast food typically offers few nutritional benefits.

Can serve you: plate


It is important to emphasize that when we talk about food from a culinary point of view, we must take into account the use of a number of terms that we use in our vocabulary on a daily basis and that revolve around this topic. For example, there is the so-called fast food, which, as the name suggests, is prepared immediately and eaten just as quickly.

Hamburgers, for example, are one of the most common fast foods and many people eat them not only because they like them, but also because the quick preparation means they can eat even when they are pressed for time. They have an important appointment or are doing something a very short break at work to eat lunch.

There are many establishments that specialize in this type of food, and what they all have in common is the fact that there is no table service, there is a lack of waiters, customers clear their own tables and they also have to wait in line be able to eat. Purchase and receive your order. Pizza, tacos, sandwiches, kebabs, burritos, quesadillas or chips are other products that also belong to what we call fast food.

Likewise, we cannot ignore the existence of the so-called food delivery. In this case, there are companies under this name that receive their customers’ orders by telephone or Internet and bring them directly to their homes.

The effect of food
In addition to the actual eating, the process of eating is also referred to as a meal (“Lunch with my boss lasted more than two hours”) and a gathering of people for lunch or dinner (“Next week I’ll be eating with some friends.” the come from the interior of the country”).

It should be noted that gastronomy is the discipline that studies man’s relationship with food and his environment. On the other hand, there are countless recipes with different ways of preparing food.

Just like fats and carbohydrates, lipids provide the body with energy during the day. However, they also have another function: they ensure an appropriate body temperature and keep it regulated.

mineral salts
These are neutral salts that keep metabolism completely under control. Table salt that is commonly used in food is called mineral salt. If it is not used, it can be said that the culinary dish was very tasteless.

These nutrients are not produced by the body itself and must therefore be consumed through daily food. They are essential for the body, because in their absence the patient becomes weak and suffers from serious metabolic problems.

Inorganic compounds
These are inorganic compounds or elements that the body cannot produce itself, but are found in foods, dietary supplements and special medicines. These compounds include minerals, water and nitrogen.

They are extremely important elements for the body, not only at the metabolic level, but also at the structural level, since some minerals, such as calcium, act in the bones.

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