The red fort is a historic fort made by emperor shah Jahan. Places in India Red fort construction started on 13 may 1638 And completed on 6 April 1648. Red fort is found in old Delhi in India .Places in India Red fort is a main residence of Mughal emperors. Mughal emperor had decided to shift from agar to Delhi. Red fort is designed by USTAD Ahmad Lahori. USTAD Ahmad Lahori also constructed a design of Taj mahal. Red fort Represent that the Mughals are in peak. Places in India The fort was plundered of its artwork and jewels during Nader shah of Mughal empire in 1739. Every year the prime Minister of India raised the Indian flag in red fort but on first time Jawaharlal Nehru raised the Indian flag above the Lahori gate.


India gate is known as war memorial located in new Delhi. places in India is India gate Formaly called Rajpath. India gate is made in the memory of soldier of British army soldier who died between 1914 to 1921 in the first world war between [ The Alies and The central power]. Memorial India gate was designed by SIR EDWIN LUTYENS, but he was not the main architect but also a member of new Delhi. India gate designed in six war in Europe. Places in India is India gate is establish in 10 February 1921 in Delhi and unveiled in 12 February 1931. AMAR JAWAN JYOTI represent to gave respect to soldier who died in world war-1 between 1914 to 1921. Amar Jawan Jyoti structure like consisting of black marble plinth, capped by war helmet. Since when installation of the Amar jawar Jyoti it served like a India tomb. On 21 January 2022 Amar jawan Jyoti name changed to Amar jawan Jyoti at national war


Lotus temple is a religious place which denote peace. Lotus temple is located in new Delhi, India. Lotus temple is dedicated in December 1986. Lotus temple shape is like a lotus flower. Places in India Lotus temple is open for all Religion and caste. Lotus temple central hall have a nine doors opening with the height of slightly over 34 meter. Lotus temple also a won award [numerous architectural awards] and also have been print in many newspapers, magazine and article etc. Lotus temple completed in 13 November 1986. And opened in 24 December 1986. Lotus temple is architect by FARIBORZ SAHBA and structural engineer by FLINT & NEILL COWL. Seating capacity in lotus temple is 2,500.

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GOLDEN TEMPLE also known as the Harimandir Sahib. This temple is located in Amritsar. State in punjab, india. this temple Costruction started in December 1581. And completed in 1589[ temple] 1604 [ with Adi Granth]. pool called [Sarovar] made by GURU RAM DAS in 1577. in 1604 guru arjan dev the fifth sikh guru placed a copy of the adi granth in harminder sahib. this sarovar is also a Pavitar Sarovar. the golden temple is an open house of worship for all people. In this temple, get free food to everyone. there are 100k people eat free food called [Langer] daily. Golden Temple is one of the beautiful place all over world. This temple is for a Sikhism. but this temple open for every religion there are no partiality between religion.


Mysore is located in Kannada. it is a metropolitan city located in south side in India. Mysore is the third largest state in India. Mysore is the capital of kingdom of Mysore. for almost six centuries, from 1399 until 1947. Mysore is very beautiful place to visit for holidays. places in India Mysore is known as the Haritage city. The culture capital of Karnataka. Mysore is located in top of the hills. it is located in high peak of mountain. this View is very beautiful. Many tourist are visit in this place. This state is also known for art and culture. this state people is good in art and Culture and their nature is very sweet. This place is better in economic growth. this is a tourist place. Mysore is the Southermost city of Karnataka and is a Neighbouring city of the state is Karela and Tamil Nadu in the south India.


Ladakh is a region in India. Ladakh is located in Kashmir, India. It is also a union territory of India. Ladakh connect bordered by Tibet autonomous region to east. Places in India is Ladakh is fully covered with glacier of snow. Ladakh Neighbour country is Pakistan and china. Ladakh is top most place for tourist for visit. there are many people/ tourist visit in this place. Ladakh is established as union territory in 31st October 2019, Ladakh is both the largest and the second least union territory in India. Ladakh is also called a great Tibet. It is also called ma-lo-pho or also called a Lal Bhumi.


Humayun tomb is a historical tomb. It is a tomb of humayun. it is located in nizamuddin east, delhi. It is also known as purana Qila. Humayun tomb criteria for a muslim culture. HISTORY after the death of humayun on 27 january 1556. The humayun body was first buried in his palace in purana Quila [ humayun tomb ] at delhi. Then, this tomb is taken to sirhind, in punjab in 1558. IT was seen by Humayun’s son name is akbar. Akbar visited at tomb in 1571, when he is completed. This tomb is build by the first order of his wife she also known as haji begum. Humayun tomb construction began in 1565 and was completed in 1572. The cost to make this humayun tomb is 1.5 million rupees. It is paid by the baga begum after the husband death. This empire at the near of yamuna river in delhi. On 1611 an english merchant [william finch] visited in tomb and he describes about the rich interior.


Taj mahal is a crown of the palace. It is an ivory white marble on the right of yamuna river in agra, uttarpradesh in india. Is is made by mughal emperor [shah jahan] for the tomb of his favourite wife, mumtaz mahal. It is also a tomb of mughal emperor [shah jahan] . The tomb is also a guest house, and set in formal gardens. It also a house of shah jahan himself. The architect of taj mahal is USTAD AHMAD LAHORI. Taj mahal is build for mumtaz mahal. Taj mahal criteria is a muslim religion. The taj mahal was designated as a UNESCO WORLD HERE.


These places are very beautiful. you have must visit in these places. you can also enjoy your holidays. These places is also a pocket friendly for all. Many tourist visit in these places and enjoy.


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